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On-location headshot photography at a place and time to suit you

Because your photo is how the world first sees you

You want a professional, modern image for your company, for yourself, for your employees. Images to use as Linkedin Profile Photos, on Websites or on other Social Media.

We discuss your needs in advance and agree a date. On the chosen day, I setup a portable studio at your location and shoot the photos.

We then review and choose the best images. Chosen images are then edited and supplied online or on a USB drive.

How it all Works in More Detail

We start with a full discussion of your needs. This covers any details of your requirements such as format & background, company in-house style, and delivery schedule.

On the day, I’ll set up a portable studio at your location. This takes about 20-30 minutes. The exact location and space requirements will be discussed in advance, and there’s more guidance in this information article : Space Required

A photo session will be typically from 5-30 minutes per person. I always take extra photos (typically from 5-20 per person).

For straightforward requirements, 10 minutes per person and 5 people per hour is a good guideline. Each person will have enough time to get the photos they’re happy with.

The photos can be reviewed there and then, if time allows, and the final image(s) selected.  More commonly, they will be chosen from an online selection of images from the session. However, most people also like to have a quick peek at the previews on the back of the camera, or on a laptop.

If the images have not already been selected during the session, then a selection (by the photographer) will be lightly edited and loaded online for review and choice.

Once the final image(s) have been chosen, they will then be edited and supplied in the agreed formats.Final Editing is included on all chosen images. More detailed “airbrushing” or retouching is also available, as required and on request.

Images will normally be supplied to allow re-cropping for multiple uses. However, if there are specific specifications e.g. LinkedIn profile or a standard website format, this can also be supplied.