After your Headshot Session


For some sessions, you may already have chosen your images on the day, in which case you can skip to Part 2

Part 1 – Proof Images

  • I’ll download and back-up the “raw”  images from the camera
  • Next I’ll select 5-10 of the “best” ones for initial editing
  • I’ll then load these to an online password-protected folder for final image selection
  • This can take from 5-10 working days – but can be faster if you need them more urgently
  • From these, you can choose your favourites for final editing and finishing – please record the image filename, underneath the image (rather than the sequence number – which can occasionally change, if images are added or deleted)
  • Normally, two images are included, but extra images can also be purchased
  • For glasses-wearers, I often take some photos without glasses. This is mainly to assist me in editing and removing any glare on the glasses. However, you’re free to choose these as one or more of your selected images.

Part 2 – Edited Images

  • For selected images, I’ll then apply individual editing and a touch of “airbrushing”
  • I will then produce a Black & White version for each one
  • Finally, I upload two different sizes of each image to a new folder – they can be downloaded directly from here (I include a simple downloading guide, when I send you on the folder link)
  • The large size is the full-resolution image from the camera, with only whatever cropping I’ve applied. This is the version to use for printing, or if you want to do any major resizing or cropping (without quality loss)
  • The smaller size is for use directly on the web or in email 

Part 3 – Cropping & Resizing Images

  • By default, I supply images with lots of blank space around the actual headshot – so it can be cropped for a variety of purposes. If you prefer, I can supply images pre-cropped to a specific size
  • If you need a different size or cropping dimensions for an image – you or your web-designer may do this for you using software like Photoshop
  • Alternatively, there are a few free, easy-to-use online options for resizing & cropping :
  • Social Image Resizer Tool
    Online Image Resizer
    Free Image and Photo Resizer
    Bulk Resize Photos
  • I can also assist if you need any help getting started with this

Part 4 – Final Points

  • Make sure everyone involved knows how to access and download their retouched images. I won’t have the email addresses to contact everyone individually.
  • It may be useful to download all the retouched images to a central folder on your own system for simpler access
  • If you wish, I can also send you a complete set of selected images using WeTransfer