What is a Headshot ?

In this context, a headshot (or corporate portrait) is a professional head & shoulders photographic portrait – used for business websites, LinkedIn or social media profile photos.

It differs from portraits mainly in intent. A portrait is a more artistic version – where the emphasis is on personality and branding. There are no hard and fast rules and a lot of overlap between the two. The preferred result  also depends on the brand and style of the company in question. So, a headshot for one company, could be more like an informal portrait for another.

Overall though, headshots tend to be more formal, and geared towards a specific commercial purpose.

How do I book ?

Contact me via phone or email to arrange an appointment. Most assignments are carried out at the premises of the person being photographed.

Ideally a few days notice is best, but urgent requests will always be met where possible.

How long does it take ?

For the photography, I suggest allowing up to 30 minutes for an individual session, and about 10-20 minutes per person for group sessions. Additional requirements, like a change of outfit, may need the longer time.

For very straightforward images, using a single setup – these can be done in 5-10 minutes per person. This can be useful for large groups, where just a standard shot is required in a single style.

The final images will normally be supplied within a week – faster turnaround is possible where required.

How do you crop the photos ?

I normally include a lot of empty space around the subject – this allows cropping in a variety of ways later – depending on the final image usage and requirements.
If required, I can also crop the finished images to suit a specific requirement e.g. LinkedIn format or a specific website setup.

In many cases, your web designer will be able to specify the layout requirements for the finished image(s) or will have the editing software to crop themselves.

What other types of portrait can you do ?

I also do Wedding & Family portraiture.

Click the link to view my Wedding Photography website.

Client Guides

Useful Client information – once you’ve booked :



If you’re not satisfied with your headshot, then I’ll offer additional retouching or schedule a reshoot for you.
Any additional retouching will be within normal guidelines.