Headshot Style Options

Image Look & Feel

There is a large number of options for getting the desired “look & feel” for a headshot or portrait.

Business headshots tend to be more formal than general portraits. They often use similar setups.

I’m showing a few typical options here, but there are many other possibilities. If you have a particular look in mind, then providing a similar image can be a good starting point.

The examples here were all taken on the same day, of the same person to make comparison easier – thanks Sam !

Grey Background

This is my “go to” option for business headshots if you leave the choice to me. The reason for this is simple – it works well for most subjects, clothes and uses.

Black Background

A classic option. I can add extra lighting for the subject or background to help them stand out.
It’s probably best not to wear all black also !

White Background

Another classic. Sometimes used when you want to swap in a different background.

Ambient/Outdoor Background

An outdoor example here. A common alternative is to use buildings or offices to form the background.

Natural Light – Less Formal, Different Cropping

These show some less formal lighting and posing as well as a variety of image cropping options.
Of course, any image can be cropped in many ways. How it will be used, and personal preference, are the factors here.