What space is needed ?


The first thing to say is that it is possible to adapt and work within whatever spaces are available. Compromises can be made to suit the circumstances.

In broad terms, as large an open space as possible will work best.

It can sometimes be hard to say what available location might work without seeing the premises. If in doubt you can send me a quick phone photo. I can often also arrange to call in to view the possible locations prior to the shoot – though this is rarely necessary.


Ideal Measurements

  • Length : 4-6 Metres
  • Width : 2-3 Metres
  • Height : 3-4 Metres

(or bigger – applies to all of the above)


Why so much space ?

Why is so much space needed, after all it’s just a simple headshot isn’t it ?

There are a few reasons for the ideal space suggestions :

  • Plenty of width and height for optimal placing of the lights
  • Length to prevent shadows appearing on the backdrop
  • Using a long lens on the camera for more flattering photos also requires length

Contrary to what might be expected, power sockets or a neat background is not required. All the lighting used is battery-operated and a portable background fits into most locations.

The extra width and height for the lighting is mainly needed at the background end of location, so a corridor leading to a larger alcove or opened out area could also work well.


What type of location ?

The most common location is an empty office or meeting room. While these may not meet the ideal requirements, they usually work fine.

Frequently, a boardroom-type office is made available, but this often has a large static table down the middle. If this can be removed, or moved to the side, then all is well – otherwise we can find a way to work around it.

On the other hand, a large alcove or corridor or open-space might work better. An open-plan area, canteen or other large open space can often work very well, as there will be few obstructions. The only problem with these is can be lots of people passing through. You will know from your own experience if this will be acceptable.