Why get a New Headshot ?

In General

Whatever your occupation or type of business, it’s pretty certain that you’ll have some sort of online presence. This could be on LinkedIn, on a company website or on one of the many forms of social media.

Your photo is how people see you, and form an initial impression of you. It’s better if that impression is a good one.

Top Reasons

Your profile picture is outdated

Just how long is it since your last professional headshot photo ?

While it might be great to look back on your past photos, your current photo should represent how you are now. When someone meets you – they should be able to recognise you from the photo !

Clothes, hairstyles and photo styles all change over time, and it’s worthwhile keeping it up-to-date.

Your current picture is a webcam snapshot or a phone selfie

Informal photos can be great for social media, but often look unprofessional in a business context. If you scroll through some LinkedIn profiles, it’s pretty easy to recognise those which are professionally taken.
Professional photography doesn’t have to be overly formal – it can be adapted to the style and purpose you need.

Your image no longer matches your website or corporate style

You may also have a perfectly good headshot, but the requirements have changed. A new job or job role, or a website redesign can leave your photo looking out of place or outdated.

You do have a great headshot – but need a different style for different media e.g. company website, social media, LinkedIn profile

Your business headshot looks great, but is too formal for social media use. If you would like something more than a selfie, then a professional headshot can help reflect your personal style. It’s always worthwhile to project the best image of yourself.